Old Media and New Media Meet.
Get Your Message Across.

cropped-oneway2.jpgOld Media and New Media Meet.
I am a content strategist and front-end web developer, a multilingual journalist, writer and editor (both offline and online), based in New York. Good content matters, across all platforms — no matter the medium. I am a versatile writer, meticulous editor, curator and visual communicator — not a “content creator,” who churns out copy to fill a page.

These are exciting times for communications: Old media hold value. New media add value. This is not an either/or situation. Offline and online media won’t work on their own: We need both. I bridge the gap, leveraging the best of both worlds while crossing cultures.

TeklaSzymanskiThrough my Facebook Page, this blog and my Website, Old Media and New Media Meet™ analyzes how print and web interact, how old media values are as important as ever today, how the web has changed and shaped our culture, society and communications in general — and how important the interaction between new and old, between news and in-depth, between timely and timeless really is.

To quote the novelist David Grossman: “We write. The world is not closing in on us. How fortunate we are. The world is not growing increasingly narrow.” Or as the journalist Red Smith once said: “Writing is easy. All you do is sit down […] and open a vein.”

No matter the platform.