Launching E-newsletter on Print Media vs. New Media!

Share photos on twitter with TwitpicSign up now for my e-newsletter Where Old Media and New Media Meet with tips on how print journalists can adapt to the web,  how print and web interact and how new media have changed and shaped our culture, society and communications in general.

It will also discuss the state of the media in general and point the reader to interesting articles/books/links on the topics. I will also give updates about my website and new posts on this blog.

Where Old Media and New Media MeetTM is the name of my editorial services business venture, helping print media professionals adapt to the web — and web editors understand where mainstream media professionals are coming from.

Both print and new media are here to stay, but new media endeavors will have to recognize the expertise of print journalists to truly succeed. And print journalists in turn will have to tap into what new media have to offer to communications.

Discussions welcome!