Newsweek Ceasing Print Edition After 80 Years

Newsweek will stop its print edition after 80 years.

I stopped subscribing when Tina Brown took over and turned the venerable magazine into a pseudo British tabloid. I had never been exposed to so many royal pictures and superficial articles, until Tina Brown took over. She killed Newsweek with her news judgement and her priorities. She is responsible for this disaster. This was not primarily a New Media/Old Media clash as Brown was quick to point out.

I wrote about Newsweek’s Daily Beast take over in March 2011 and again in April 2011. I am sorry that I was proven right. I had been reading Newsweek since I was 18 until I cancelled my subscription last year and am reading Time Magazine now. I am not able to stomach the Daily Beast (“Read this, skip that”. Whatever that means.) My inner beast won’t let me. The site is visually so unattractive and cluttered that it gives me a headache, and the content is so poor to the point of irrelevance.

You can continue blaming the readers for Newsweek’s demise, who are flocking to tablets, or that “print is dead.” But we are not at fault here. Other, better magazines survive.

Blame the publisher. Blame the content. Blame executive decisions. Blame inflated pay checks and lavish launch parties. When Newsweek goes online, “regrettably, there will be staff reductions,” says the editor — who will keep her reign. Well done.

I am fed up with royalty. No matter if they’re real — or if they come disguised as editors-in-chief and publishers with a big ego. The emperor has no clothes. No matter if they reign offline or online.

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