Old-Time Media Tycoon Henry Luce

The good old times? New York Times Book Review about The Publisher, aka Henry Luce, the creator of Time, Life, Fortune and later of Sports Illustrated. “Luce was a media tycoon at a time when […] freedom of the press belonged to the man who owned one (rather than, as now, to anyone with an Internet service provider), a time when a lone publisher could aspire to influence the course of world events.”

Thankfully, those days are over.

Global Journalists On Journalism

World Press Review’s website [my former employer, when it still published a print edition] has a compelling special report on global journalists musing about journalism in their countries. “In countries around the world, independent journalists risk jail, injury, and death to get the story out.” Must read.

A Worldpress.org Special Report – Journalists on Journalism – Worldpress.org